MindFlow Has Become the Formal Member of NVIDIA Inception Program




MindFlow Has Become the Formal Member of NVIDIA Inception Program

Recently, AI data service company MindFlow has been invited to join the 'NVIDIA Inception Program' initiated by the global GPU (graphics processor) giant and AI computing industry leader NVIDIA.

The two sides will work together in a number of fields to build a new   AI industry ecology and promote the process of AI commercialization.

As a global leader in the GPU industry, NVIDIA launched Inception Program to accelerate the development of outstanding AI startups with powerful GPU tools, technical support and in-depth learning of expertise so as to create greater value for society by virtue of AI technology.

Currently, after rigorous screening and evaluation, Inception Program has over thousands of outstanding startup members worldwide. As an excellent supplier in the field of AI data services, MindFlow has been invited to join the program and become one of the formal members.

MindFlow is the industry's leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) data capture and labeling services in the areas of image recognition, video recognition, voice recognition, semantic understanding, and so on, MindFlow relies on its own massive data processing capability, industry-leading product research and development teams, and full-link support system, focusing on providing professional, customized and comprehensive data service for demanders in the field of AI all over the world.

In order to better meet the needs for diverse AI basic data, to counter the previous rigidity of human resource management and inability and inefficiency of the execution method by using a single tool to meet a single need, MindFlow provides comprehensive one-stop services that combine data processing, quality detection, quality control and data security management to manage and process image, text, voice, video and point cloud data.

The complete management system of project process is built by breaking down barriers and then establishing connections between businesses such as task establishment, labeling, data quality inspection, etc., which provides one-stop services that process all kinds of data including computer vision, voice interaction, natural language and other fields and provide high-quality, customized and scene labeled datasets for AI enterprises, accelerating the commercialization of AI applications.

MindFlow Data Services Solutions are quietly changing the world in auto-driving, smart security, unmanned aerial vehicles, new retail, AI education, industrial robots and other related fields.

After joining NVIDIA Inception Program, MindFlow will cooperate deeply with NVIDA in many fields such as market promotion, technology research and development to build a new AI industrial ecology.