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Dear MindFlow Partner

Dear MindFlow Partner:

Thank you for your trust in MindFlow and for choosing to work with us.

In the era of great change in the deep integration of AI and traditional industries, we look forward to working with you to unlock the shackles of data intelligence and achieve a better future for AI with data.

Reading Instructions:

This content is intended to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties in order to ensure that your cooperation with MindFlow can be carried out in a more cautious manner and with clearer boundaries of rights and responsibilities.

This content is not a formal cooperation clause. It is only a brief cooperation notice. The legally effective formal cooperation clause content will be signed after the qualification application has been approved.

1. Partner Rights

1) Accept Matching Execution Projects

Partners can undertake matching basic data items (data collection, data labeling, etc.) according to their own capabilities.

2) Get Reasonable Remuneration for Work

They shall have the right to obtain reasonable remuneration for their work as regards the contents of the projects examined and approved.

3) Irregular Online and Offline Training

Members of the MindFlow professional project group will conduct online and offline training from time to time, which includes but is not limited to labeling skills, use of platform tool, project management, etc.

4) Priority of Platform Tools

MindFlow Partners enjoy the priority of using the MindFlow SEED platform.

2. Partner Obligations

1) Orderly Project Completion

The projects undertaken by partners in MindFlow should be completed on time, good in quantity and in quality according to project requirements. If the project is delayed or cannot be delivered due to partners’ reasons, MindFlow has the right to recourse. 

2) Effective Team Management

Partners should do a good job in team management, and handle the consultation, feedback, complaints and other related matters of team members in a timely manner. MindFlow only docks with the specific person in charge of the partners. Partners are responsible for defaulting employees' wages due to their own reasons.

3) Maintain Data Security

Partners are obligated to keep project data confidential and must not disclose, resell or hand over to third parties.

4) The Principle of Good Faith

It is forbidden to intentionally hoard or delay projects, or to conceal or deceive the progress of projects, or to engage in other business in the name of MindFlow without authorization.

5) Principle of Anti-Bribery

It is forbidden to bribe MindFlow or Party A's principals and employees by various bribery means, and to undertake projects by improper means.

3. Revocation of Cooperative Qualification

Depending on the severity of the action, the partner will be disqualified and blacklisted indefinitely if the following behavior exists:

1) Data in low quality;

2) Untimely delivery of data;

3) Acts of dishonesty;

4) Data disclosure behavior;

5) Damage of MindFlow’s brand image due to partners’ own reasons;

6) Obtaining information of Party A by improper means;

7) Bribery;

8) Other recognized breaches of contract.

MindFlow looks forward to meeting you and working together on the road of artificial intelligence to success!

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